The Ginger one had a fortuitous buy in the shop of the cross channel ferry as we were on our way to Brittany on the old summer holidays.
Lucky Lego
Much fun ensued.

Such a rugged salty old sea dog

Once my role as official photographer was over I settled down to the serious business of the day.

Hope your holidays are involving much fun too.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Yes, yes, they are forming slowly - first arrival of a grandy next week....

  2. Arrrgh! Ahoy there! We are just on holiday too but are having a bit of a staycation. Have fun. Xx

  3. A Lego seagull - never seen that !
    The best toys ever created - I still have all my Lego (the only toys I really couldn't give away/throw away...)...

  4. Love the Lego. We've kept all of our boys' Lego and I am sometimes very tempted to buy myself a Lego minifig bag just for the thrill of seeing which one comes out. We all loved the Lego movie as well. Hope your hols are great.

  5. Love him! He's like Captain Birds Eye!


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