Whilst hopping from rafter to rafter torch in hand trying to investigate the cause if a suspicious damp patch on the bedroom ceiling the Hippy made a discovery.
At some point in the past it would appear we have had visitors in the loft.
There were several old wasps nests up there.
I love the textures and colours in them, the paper like structure is fascinating and so delicate.

This tiny one went off to the school nature table with the bombshell this morning.
I am starting to wonder if this place will ever again have anything of a crafty nature on it.
I am hoping the long drought will be over soon.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Ooh, love the nests, hate the critters! I am wondering if I will ever complete anything ever again, you are not alone.
    Also, had the funniest image of the hippie hopping aloft, torch afire (because we call them "flashlights" I envision a flaming angry townsfolk type torch) in hand... anyway, did he find the source of the damp? Tell him hi for me!

  2. How pretty! I've never seen that before. They are such clever creatures, aren't they.

    Sure you will craft again...it's in yer blood, lass! :)

    (LOL at Lola Nola and the flaming torch - love the differences in US and British English.)

  3. Wasp nests really are rather amazing (I'm not so enamoured of the wasps!).

    When I'm lacking artistic inspiration I go and tidy my studio - just looking at and touching my art materials inspires me to get started again. Good luck!

  4. The crafting will come back when everyone is ready, most especially you. Such a big change in your life with young boys takes up a huge amount of mental energy. Don't be hard on yourself.

  5. Those nests are quite remarkable, so delicate and beautifully constructed.

    As for the crafting, you've been there a week or two now, I'm disappointed you haven't yet yarn bombed a boat!


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