My Mother has brought treasure to my new house.
You may recognise the little red clogs, they are my little icon on the blog and occasionally over on Face book too.
I have probably told you the story of them before. 
But I love a bit of repetition.
When I was a very small girl the clog maker still had a workshop in the village my Great Aunts and Uncle lived in up in Lancashire.
Every summer when we went to visit Mum would order another pair of little red clogs for us.
We would then spend the next 6 months or so clattering around in them.
The smallest pair of them have travelled with me all over the place from home to home for many many years.
Now all the pairs are reunited.
The bombshell managed to cram his feet in to the largest pair and spent a happy hour clattering all round the garden.
I now just need to find a good way to display them.
At least now I have the space to do it!
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh how I love those clogs! Even more, I love a good clog story.

  2. They are fantastic! Great memories but also just lovely to look at...I'd have been mad for them as a you said, noisily clattering about. :)

  3. I love clogs....I need some :)So lovely that you can keep them and share them with your own family.

    I recently discovered a clog makers not far from where I live....I may have to take a trip.

    KnittyNora xx


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