The problem I have discovered about moving is that you are living in someone else's house.
In our case a palace of magnolia and dodgy carpets with an over bearing smell of old cigarettes.
We needed some where to call ours.

The hippy came up with the excellent and attainable plan of decorating the downstairs toilet.
It was the most depressing place dark and dingy, where the smell of stale fags just would not shift.
May be we are missing the feeling of homeliness, not sure what else can explain the sheer volume of stuff we have crammed in there.

Including lots of special old toys both the boys and my youngest siblings grew out of

And most of my collection of old children's books.

Oh and lets not forget the beautiful mirror that the Hippy fashioned from the toilet seat from the out side toilet in our old home.
I have noticed a marked increase in frequency of trips to the littlest room, so I guess something has gone right.
We are now setting our sights on the upstairs toilet.
By the end of the year we may have even graduated to a full sized room.
If not you might find a sofa and coffee table in the bathroom before too long.

So there you have it kids, a room with a view.
Have a great Bank Holiday weekend kids.
Much Love Nora xxxx  


  1. so jealous of a downstairs loo.... looking good though!

  2. Hey Nora, try burning lemongrass essential oil(mixed with water) it works an absolute treat removing smelly ciggie fumes. When we purchased our last house we had exactly the same problem, with yellow ceilings too.

    Jean x

  3. It's lovely to be able to start making your new home feel like...well, your home! The loo is looking great x

  4. I love, love this post of yours. So humorous! And youhave worked quite a lot to decorate it into a comfy place.

  5. So impressed! We have lived with a hideous previous owners bathroom for 12 years. Every year we say ... 'this is the year ... ' but it never happens! The mirror is certainly novel! M x


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