Let me paint you a picture, a possibly factually incorrect picture, but a picture nonetheless.
This morning my beloved was fresh faced and happy. The boys were refreshed and loving having slept a long and wondrous sleep until a totally acceptable hour of the morning. They all stood on the doorstep in the dappled sunlight waving me good bye and wishing me luck as I set off vintage shopping basket in hand on a hunter gathering trip.  The Hippy had not been out till the wee small hours, he had not staggered about waking me up and he did not snore a lot. The children had not stayed up too late watching films possibly unsuitable for a 5yr old, they had not woken very early and forced their Mother to watch Wall E before her eyes could even focus on the remote properly. I did not escape the house by telling the Hippy very quickly that I was popping out and then going before his brain had started working and I did not stuff a manky battered old bag for life in to my pocket as I legged it as fast as I could down the drive waving the car keys over my head and emitting little whoops of glee as I did it.
The truth is a tricky fellow, its all a matter of perspective, of who you listen to.
I leave it to you my dear friends to decide what's what and which is reality.
However as we know the truth of the pudding is in the eating.
And I found some tasty pudding let me tell you.
A lovely old sewing basket and a pile of ribbons.

Maps, old pamphlets and a fantastic road atlas. As well as these charming dolls house sofa and arm chair. They look as though some one's Granddad worked long and hard to make them one Christmas many years ago.

Old packs of cards that reminded me of endless games of gin rummy with my Grandma.

And a skipping kitty mug to add to one of the many many collections.

Did you have a good car booty haul today?
I do hope so.
Enjoy the sun people, welcome our long lost friend in for the bank holiday weekend, make it comfy and hopefully it will stay for the whole of half term.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. What a wonderful haul, I go looking for fabric, but today was accompanied by an almost 6 yr old who now has a Playmobil airplane, airport and helicopter awaiting her 6th birthday for the grand sum of not very much and certainly not the £100 plus I would not have paid in the shops! I think that counts as good. Loving the sun too.

  2. Oh my goodness ... I thought you were talking about my Sunday morning!! Lovely finds. M x


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