I know I mentioned it yesterday, but really the excitement levels rolling like huge crashing waves from our youngest son are simply astounding.
Every night when I take him to bed he casually says "Mummy can we have a chat"
"Yes darling, what would you like to chat about tonight?"
"Umm" pause for cod thinking and head scratching" Christmas?"
Then starts a long process when we both have to list any thing between 5 and 2000 things about Christmas.
And woe betides anyone who repeats or rehashes what they said the night before.
This has been going on since OCTOBER.
He drew these pictures on the chalk board about a month ago. 
I can't bring my self to rub them off.
Messages and shopping lists are now conducted else where and using a different medium, or not at all.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Make sure you make the most of it, I so miss that lovely excitement my son had at Christmas when he was small, bit different now he's twenty!

  2. Children grow up all too quickly - take in every moment of their young age
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. That it so cute! Really looking forward to having small people in the house this Christmas

  4. What fun! How young children love the same game over and over and over again, so enjoy - it doesn't last long. Still, I've been delighted to rediscover the repetition thing with the grand children (not a surprise, really).
    As to the anticipation of Christmas, we won't see them till just afterwards this year - not our turn for the big host - but this weekend we're seeing them all together - three children under 4 (and a very prominent bump) - can't wait!

  5. Oh I do love the excitement mounting in your house! I hope you've got a good long list of things about Christmas … my word, not being allowed to repeat any ??!!
    love to you and yours,

  6. Naw, gorgeous. Unsustainable is right. Upon finding it snowing this morning, my girl went into fits of excitement yelling, "Snow Day AND Christmas is coming? I just can't stand it!!" then proceeded to flop to the floor and refuse to move for 10 minutes.


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