Remember this?

Remember how it was too bright and lairy for me?
Remember how I asked for your advice.
Well, I went off and ignored pretty much all of it.
All except that of Lazy Daisy Jones, who told me what I already knew, but somehow couldn't find the information in my brain.
One big pot of grey dye and a happy hour spent with a nutmeg grater later and it is now more or less exactly as I imagined it in the beginning.

Though I may need to do a little more distressing to those still slightly too perky suffolk puffs. It may not be to every one's taste, but I feel much happier now.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Well I Love it...love it...much more 'flaming Nora stylee'.....Now I'm thinking a tiny bit of old lace...somewhere along the way.....Ha! don't listen to me any more....?!
    bestest daisy J xxxx

  2. Oooo yes I'm loving the whole effect too.. I struggle with the spangly new clothing and boot thing... preferring the lived in look! Smiles Cass x

  3. Just love the colours - but do tell me what you did with the nutmeg grater ...

  4. Love it! Mind your fingers on the grater ... we don't want to see blood spatters on your puffs! M x

  5. You've certainly taught those puffs a lesson! Loving the new subdued colours. Wouldn't have thought of a nutmeg grater though, but then having a luthier in this house means a never ending supply of sandpaper available for such jobs.

  6. I prefer the ''after''.....It would seem however that you have a ''thing'' against bright!! Pray tell.....does that mean you don't like my lemon pouch? and please be gentle with me......


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