On the first day of Christmas my true love brought to me

Driftwood in the shape of a bird and

Slices of cake as big as your head.
On the second day of christmas my truelove brought to me

A gap toothed little monkey and

A Hippy in a hat cooking sausages.
No idea why he needed a screw driver to do the job, but he loves a tool than man of mine.
Excitement in our house has reached possibly unsustainable levels and we haven't even started to put decorations up yet.
Frantic preparations are underway as we try to organise the house in readiness for the Viking  invasion that will be Christmas this year.
Furniture has been bought, boxes unpacked, rooms cleaned, shelves put up.
I have been working hard at this every weekend for the last 3 weeks and the house still looks like a tip!
What has your advent been like so far?
Love Nora xxx


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures.
    My house always looks like Steptoes Yard even after I've tidied it!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ha! Love! Your kitchen is great and I do like seeing the hippy in a hat cooking. Also those gorgeous boys! I'm in denial around these parts. A couch I say, we need a bloomin' couch! Merry merry to you all!

  3. Oh I do love the photo of the Hippy in a hat! Made me laugh out loud with his screwdriver to help cook the sausages ;-)
    Our little miss lost another tooth this week - just like your boy, she's starting to look like a pirate.
    Thank you so much for popping by to my blog - yes, I am hoping to rekindle my blogging embers…
    much love

  4. Oh, your gorgeous boys ... and you also indulge my love of a a man in braces AND a quirky hat!! M x


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