Every year at college our technician Ralph organises a hand made Secret Santa for us tutors and the students.
This year we have a number of set design students studying with us.
Now the costume students are fab, they are easy. I know what to make them, pin cushions, needle cases, anything sewing related. 
But a set designer?
Especially one who is very allergic to sewing.
I had to scour the very wooly edges of my creative brain.
In the end I made a list of some of the things a set designer would use, scale ruler and scalpel were the only ones that interested me.

I ruled out the scale ruler as being too much of a fiddle.
So we were left with a covered note/sketch book with a machine embroidered scalpel.
The students excelled them selves this year decorating the studio.

They even made us a Christmas tree.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh what fun - I love the quirky Christmas tree and your covered book - so much more interesting than secret santas I've known ...

  2. Oh, what fun, the scalpel, extraordinary! Most wonderful idea and present.

  3. brilliant secret santa pressie and fab tree! have a good one and happy new year! m x


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