On Thursday as I rushed along the wind swept path that leads from one of the classrooms where I teach to another something wrapped its self round my ankle.
I stooped and picked it up and was surprised to find well groomed men lifting another well groomed man on to a stretcher.
It was a little battered and a little tattered but I decided it must want to be my friend. Possibly a rather needy friend given the way it was clinging to me, but who am I to judge? It was very cold out. So I scooped my new paper friend up and stuffed him (with all those well dressed men how could he be a she?) in to my handbag.

Later as I was making a mad dash down the dual carriageway to the post office in my lunch hour I spotted something flapping at me from in and amongst the road side bushes.
A relative of my college friend I thought.
And I was right.

On the return journey from said post office I spied from the corner of my eye another papery something  hanging about by the bottom of some chain link fencing. Oh Joy, a dashing young man with a poorly arm to add to the gaggle of new friends.

Who knows what these pages were doing spreading them selves so randomly over such a wide area.
Who knows where the rest of their family were. I do hope they too all found new homes.
Now I am wondering what the heck I am going to do with them. Several ideas are rattling about in the old noggin at the moment, but they will have to wait till next year. Time is ticking and there is much shopping and stitching to be done.
Love Nora xxx


  1. ooo i love it and i love the fact they chose you x

  2. How fab. Were your children with you at the time? That sort of activity is exactly the sort that has mine rolling their eyes in dismay at their mad mother.


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