We have just returned from a wonderful end to the half term holidays.
A few days in Norfolk staying with the Boy's Nana and Grandad, with a side order of Aunties, Uncles and cousins thrown in for good measure.

A time of catching up, with family, with friends and with a bit of fresh air and time to think.

Nothing like the wide open skies of the flat lands to help blow away the cobwebs.

We picked apples

Chased rainbows

Caught the wishes trapped inside raindrops.

Fell in love with cheeky little girls in red coats (again!)

Splashed in puddles
(more reflections that didn't make it in to yesterday's offering)

And generally marvelled at the damp beauty to be found on a ramble up the lane.
Love Nora xxx


  1. You captured the beauty of Autumn and that rainbow! X

  2. Oh how beautiful! What a wonderful break. Glad you had a lovely time. Kx

  3. Lovely photos. Good to see that the rain " didn't keep you in" to repeat a phrase from many a Scottish postcard.

  4. Beautiful! - the red berry shot is delicious :)

  5. What lovely photos, and thankfully considering the weather the little girl certainly looks more of a red riding hood than the woman in the film 'don't look now'.


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