I recently had a very successful morning out rummaging around old market stalls.

I love old packaging, especially any to do with sewing.

When every thing was home and being given a closer inspection I noticed all the old linen I had bought had laundry marks stitched on to them.

Which made me ponder on days of yore when one could afford to have one's laundry sent out.
When I was a kid there was an amazing old laundry just round the corner from where we lived.
All year round steam would be pouring out of the ventilation grills and windows.
It closed down in the early 80's and was converted in to flats.
I used to wonder if all the posh people had become poor, or finally bought washing machines or just died off.
I now with the unromantic and analytical eye of an adult realise they were not washing the voluminous undergarments of old Dowagers but the sheets and towels of local hotels. They probably moved to one of the many industrial estates surrounding the old home town and made a splendid packet selling off their Victorian real estate in a desirable area of town.
Though secretly I hope my 10 yr. old thoughts are true.
Love Nora xxx


  1. I once had a holiday job in a laundry - hated worked there! I worked on the shirt presser and folder.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Non tangle yarn? Is it guaranteed?...sounds like a challenge...I bet I could get it in a tangle! xx

  3. I love those old signs - very much!

  4. Oh, nice haul there! Love the laundry marks!

  5. Glad you explained those laundry marks, I have never considered such things!
    Love the smell of steamy laundry from old buildings, there's something so wholesome about it.

  6. We still have the laundry in our village right in the middle!! Very odd as surrounded by houses,,, the steam rises from the chimneys in the day and it alwAys smells of clean laundry :)

  7. Imagine working in one all those years ago ... all that starching and pressing ... no thank you! M x


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