This weekend we walked on the beach, catching the sun. 
Its gone away now.
It turned in to a drift wood collecting adventure.

We weren't expecting to start a new collection.
But it just happened.

We drew the line at the huge splintery pine plank the boys wanted to bring home.
That got thrown about the beach, jumped on and launched like a rocket until it had broken in to smaller manageable pieces.

We left them on the beach to be washed back to sea. Eventually to return less splintery and huge for someone else to take home and start a collection with.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Beautiful! Driftwood and the Beach, what is not to love?! :-)

  2. Gorgeous photos, you have captured perfectly that intensity of light on a South Coast beach in the autumn.

  3. We even transported drift wood from Victoria Island, Canada, which filled half the suitcase of DH, certainly not mine, it was already filled withother stuff.

  4. ....and your photos look gorgeous!


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