I'm back.
A week late, but I am back.
Sorry I'm late with announcing the winners of the giveaway. Its been one of "those" weeks, well actually its been one of "those" fortnights. But now I'm back, somewhat frayed round the edges and with big bags under the old eyes.
All week long I kept leaving the names of those of you who entered the giveaway out hoping that the elves would come and do their thing while I slept.
No such luck.
Then I realised we are in the midst of Dinovember and I was looking for help in the wrong places.
So while the boys were out at school I wandered around the house telling every toy that would listen of my dilemma. I then left names and a camera on the bedroom floor and snuck quietly away.
And Hurrah it worked!
I'm not sure how they worked the shutter on the camera, but they are resourceful those Dinos.

First up, the roaring Jurassic park Dino, jumping bravely headfirst into an upturned monster foot  full of hopefuls with nothing but some selotape for protection.
It was ok though, there were many Batmen standing by waiting to jump to the rescue if they were needed.
And the winner of the first textile design is ......

Next up for the big jump

And the winner is....

And finally the jump for the buttons

So far things had run very smoothly.
Famous last words.

Uh oh! Somehow this Dino came out with two names on her back.

So I am going to find some extra vintage buttons and send them off to one of these lovely ladies, the other will get the original ones.
So Ladies please send me you addresses and I'll get your prizes off in the post asap.
Thank you to every one who joined in and a huge and massive thanks and round of applause to the happy troupe of Dinos who came to the rescue when I really needed a bit of help.
If you want to join in with Dinovember you can do so here.
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. lol good all dinosaurs! a quite original draw! x

  2. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

  3. Love the random selectors... I hope my wooden dolls will be as helpful in Dollvember. xx

  4. That's one way to do a draw - it's always good to get help from your friends!

  5. Thanks so much Jane!!! What a fabulously gorgeous piece! Kx


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