Remember my recent experiments with Suffolk puffs?
I fancied playing about with some Autumnal colours and I fancied doing something quick!

My other current project, the hexie skirt, is forever evolving in to something more complex than it was the last time I picked it up.
I used a cheapo top I bought in a high st. shop, mainly for the fact it looked comfortable and had pockets.
But after an afternoon of wearing it I realised it was missing something vital despite these two most wonderful of qualities it already possessed.
And that thing was colour, beautiful, vibrant, seasonal colour.

After rummaging in the overflowing scrap box I found a fitting selection.
But now I am thinking that this has been my downfall.

It all looks a bit too bright and lairy.
So now my quick fix has become yet another long term jobbie.
Hopefully not to long term though I just need some advice from a friend about the best way to take the colours down a little, make them slightly more muted but without loosing the autumnal feel or altering the colour of the tunic.
Don't want much do I?
I also think it could all do with a bit of hot wash to knock the stuffing and perkiness out of the little buggers.
Ho humm, one day may be I will find a quick project that will stay just that.
Love Nora xxxx  


  1. Ooooh - thought for a breath-taking moment that you'd had a tatoo on your chest!

    To tone down the pretty Suffolk puffs, I would recommend making all the button the same colour...


  2. That is stunning. No need to tone it down at all, it's gorgeous. Embrace the colour!

    Try wearing some bold colour elsewhere to balance it out, bangles, shoes, skirt trim...

  3. I think less is more, just a few less, maybe? Or take them all off and make corsages with them and pin back on thereby adjusting to the mood of the sometimes you could be puffed up other times puffed off. The decision is's your puffing top! xx

  4. What a lovely idea! Perhaps painting on a very weak tea solution could tone them down...just not too much because they look good and time will do the trick too...

  5. I think it's lovely but if you wanted to take the zing out of it a bit I'd probably take out just the ones in the bright orange with the little white motif

  6. Nora Darling do you know what I would do?
    ...well i will tell a pack of machine dye in a pale grey....then bung the top in by itself...est voila!!
    ....all the cotton will take the dye but keep their print and tones and any synthetics wont...
    I do that all the time with costume stuff..makes for interesting experiments too...
    bestest love as ever Daisy j x

  7. you will be pleased to know that I behaved myself. I didn't even look at the best man. I did cry a little....and then spent shed loads of money in the Garment District, one of your favourite places I believe???

  8. I don't think they look too bright or lairy at all. In fact I think they look stunning. xx

  9. I want to talk with Daisy - she has a good idea. And I say also "Darling, Nora" ... some poeple simply like colours - I also do - but the idea of Daisy is realy a good one. You would wear the t-shirt then. Anyway - your puffs look fine and you made great work.

  10. Ooh I'm liking Daisy's idea. Although I have to ask , did I miss something? What's wrong with a bit of colour?

  11. Hi have just found your blog and taken a look back through some of your lovely posts. Really like the suffolk pufffs, I remember making dolls for the kids years ago by stringing them on elastic. lol


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