"I think it would be great to have a project we can all do together"
"What all of us?"
"Yes, a family project"
"Ok, what shall we do?"
We did this.

The design is based on the net huts on Hastings beach.
We spent a Saturday morning sawing



and drilling

And then the chalk board waited until the professional builder who's idea the whole thing was could remember to bring the right drill bit/screws/rawl plugs or what ever it was home from work so we could fix it to the wall.
Well, now its up and we are all mighty pleased.

I was going to show you a picture of it in use, with lots of pleasing and artistic drawings and musings chalked upon it.
But I live with boys and it was covered with rude words in about 5 minutes.
And for those of you not lucky enough to live in Hastings here is a picture of the net huts in all their glory

Not one of my images, I took it from here.
Love Nora xxx
p.s. sorry about the Bob the Builder reference, take solace in the fact that the stupid song is now in my head and will be there all day.


  1. Lovely board. I love the Hastings Beach huts.
    What were the words.......? Oh don't worry I've think I've seen and heard them all, I'm a mother of three sons - all grown up now and one has a family of his own!

  2. I lurve lurve Hastings...didn't know you lived there!..... about half an hour away towards Eastbourne is a little village called Upper Dicker I used to live there!
    Chalk board fab please show us the rude words...??
    I have the tool problem too.... everything is always always at work....particularly when I want to do something!!
    bestest D x

  3. Lovely board. Why do boys always do that? Our lovely chalk strip n the kitchen was filled with profanities - some quite witty - after the 17yr old had 10 friends round for a party.

  4. I know those huts well...perhaps you should make a swear board speech bubble for superman in the garage. My board says...put kettle on! xx

  5. wish you had shown us the rude words!!! I never say no to an educational image.......would love a blackboard myself actually....

  6. I love it ... fab family project.
    And, he really IS a long haired hippy, ha, ha!! Mine was too, til he lost it all!
    M x

  7. Ack! It's gorgeous! Did I spy a giant bag/block of clay in pic 2? Or am I just dreaming of doing pottery again? Anywho, I love your family project and the net huts! Well done clan!

  8. oooh I love that board! Whata clever bunch you are.

  9. LOVE the chalk board ...
    Want one too ... in fact I'm already planning the design. Could have a long, long wait though. He who does these things - wields a saw, measures accurately, paints without making a mess - is otherwise occupied building a shed ... and it's not a family project!


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