After all the sledgehammer sized hints I was dropping I thought it was probably more than my life is worth not to spill the beans on time.
So here it is kids I have two, yes that is right TWO, of these beautiful textile designs to giveaway.
I bought them at the weekend from Wayward right here in St Leonards On Sea.
Deep down in the basement there are a couple of boxes overflowing with these antique designs. I bought some for my self a few weeks ago, but the thought of those boxes full of wonder kept me awake at night. I just had to go back.

They are old really old. The date on the back of the yellow one is 24th September 1859

Sadly there isn't a date on the back of the red and blue one,
But I do love all this writing on the back of it, if only I could read spidery antique French.

I also couldn't resist some of these beautiful old tin buttons

So there you have it 3 lovely prizes for 3 lovely readers.
Two first prizes of the textile designs and a runners up of the buttons.
I am always surprised anyone out there wants to read my ramblings, let alone leave a comment or come back for seconds. You are all wonderful.
I really do not understand the rules facebook has about giveaways, so hopefully this will work.
You can leave a comment here or on the link I will post on facebook, each comment will give you one entry in to the draw.
The giveaway will end on Sat 9th November at midday, that gives us all time to get the half term holidays out of the way and for my kiddie winks to be back at school and at least between 9 and 3.15 Monday to Friday out of my hair!
I will announce the winners on the Sunday.
Good luck , spread the word, come one, come all!
Much love Nora xxxx


  1. Wow they are so pretty.

  2. I would love to enter your giveaway.

  3. Such a temptation I cannot resist! Spidery antique French is beyond me too but it looks wonderful -if unreadable ...

  4. Such treasure!! That red and blue is calling my name. I think I'd like a dress in it!
    I just love thinking about the people and the place where these designs were made, and which outfits were worn with those buttons. Something warm I think. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Beautiful treasure and such beautiful hand writing. Thanks for the chance to win those wonderful bygone gifts, xx

  6. They are incredible. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Please Please may I enter......?
    Those treasures are gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. Please can I play? I can't promise to do the embroidery but would frame it... as for the buttons...they would ease my suffering. Thank you Thank you. xx

  9. Looks as if the spidery writing one is telling you what is in some boxes.- Carton 1 etc. So maybe not relevant to this particular design?


  10. Please enter my name ... I'd love to win any one of these! M x

  11. Count me in please - I love both designs!

  12. Wow what a find!! Really love the yellow one :) thank you for this giveaway!

  13. Entering as a runner up love those buttons! will be spreading the love...of course!
    bestest d xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Wow! They are amazing! The textiles are just fabulous! What a great find. Did I miss the post about the ones you got for yourself? Must go searching now - these are really fascinating :) Kx

  15. What a fabulous find and generous giveaway. The buttons are so pretty. Thank you, I would love to enter. Love Pat x


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