As I hunker down and watch the wind whip through the trees in the garden, as I listen to the groaning of our slightly dodgy guttering, as we plan cozy evening in front of the fire and wonder if the Hippy will be able to make it to work tomorrow morning. I am making teeny tiny little Suffolk puffs about the size of a penny piece in Autumnal colours and feeling excited.

Excited because I am going to tell you a secret.
But not just yet, just clues right now.
I have been shopping for treats in my favourite local shop.
Not treats for me, not treats for the boys, oh no dear reader, treats for you.
Here is a little picture clue for you.

If you haven't got it you could look here for a further nudge.
Yes, thats right kids I'm planning a giveaway.
Tune in tomorrow evening and I will spill all.
Tell one, tell all, the more the merrier.
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. Nora you are a flaming temptress!....x

  2. OMG to coina phrase. If that's what it looks like, I'll be on tenterhooks.

  3. By the look of the forecast we might all end up in Suffolk tomorrow...hang on to you're puffs. xx

  4. Could be more than a puff over here in the west by the look of the forecast ... we could need something to cheer us all up. I will be watching!

  5. Oh what will you use the suffolk puffs or?
    They look really pretty.

  6. Just catching up''' better late than never I guess!! I bought some little gadgets the other day for making Suffolk puffs from my sewing shop,,,although they call them yoyo makers, you can knock them out so quick and I'm totally obsessed now!! Am making a Christmas project which I hope to finish this weekend and then I will blog it :) Yet for Suffolk puffs,,,yours are gorgeous. Xx


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