With a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat I held my last kids sewing class in Streatham on Saturday. I started holding these classes on my dining table every so often way back in 2009.  Back in the summer of 2010 I decided it was time to move out and up. I held a big kids event for a local arts festival and my glamorous assistant, Kirsty, came on board . We moved around over the years from venue to venue, none were ever quite right. But then a year and a half ago a friend of ours started running The Railway. One Sunday afternoon I took a walk down there and had a (not so) quite drink with Shane, his wife Caroline and their kids. The deal was struck.

We have all had a ball over the last 18 months, and Shane and his team have been supportive above and beyond the call of duty for which I will be eternally grateful. But it is time to move on. I live too far away now. These classes were such an enormous part of what I am now realising was my old life, I was really well known in our old haunt not just through the craft classes but other community stuff I was involved in too. Whenever I went back it was hard to leave, and there is that thing of never looking back.
So thats it folks.  I still have one adult class to do, but no more kids classes in SW16 for me.

I hope you have enjoyed the edited highlights of what the scary little darlings made at the weekend.
My glamorous assistant Kirsty and good friend Gillian, of Crafty Pint fame are taking the classes over so the children of Streatham will not go uneducated. Their first class, with a Christmas theme,  will be on 30th November.
Love Nora xxx


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