Our poor little bombshell, when we moved in to this house not only did his new bedroom have an overwhelming tint of pink but it was terribly empty. A bunk bed and a chest of drawers looked very empty in this new spacious room. We scrabbled about and made do and mended. A set of utilitarian metal shelves from my old workroom, an old school desk that had once seen service as a bedside table, some storage boxes and the promise of something better to come was the best we could muster. 

Tick tock tick tock. Time passed. Promises were put on to back burners while we both coped with crippling workloads and children pining for the life we had left behind.
And then one day there appeared some protest graffiti, well scribbles all over the nasty pink carpet.
It was time to do something drastic.
We called upon some old friends.

Dennis, Rodger, Minnie, Billy, Desperate Dan and of course all of the Bash St Kids.
We bought some old comic book annuals for about a fiver for the lot at a car bootsale.
Then I set to work with a Stanley knife and a bucket of wallpaper paste.

It took a while to do and I learnt quite a lot about wallpapering without using wallpaper, mainly that the Beano uses a better quality paper than the Dandy who in turn uses a much better quality of paper than the Beezer. They all relax and stretch as soon as you have finished smoothing out all the wrinkles and turned round to start pasting the back of the next page. As a result the finish isn't as great as it could be, however it's such a busy wall I'm thinking you will never notice and anyway the Bombshell is only 5 so by the time he is old enough to notice or even care it will all be long gone.
It also took more or less all of the five books to paper one wall.
Since this picture was taken we have spent a lot of time unpacking hundreds of Ikea boxes and constructing flat pack units. There is also a natty green rug on the floor covering up most of the offending carpet, well the bits with the graffiti on it anyway.
Next stop some painting and some new flooring.
Of course now I have to think of a feature wall to top this one for the Ginger one's room.
Ever onwards and upwards my friends the brainstorming starts.... soon.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Best thing I've seen today! You are not alone, I also have an 'ology in paper quality for comic bunting. How about Super Heroes for big lad and Beryl the Peril for you or classics, dress patterns, maps, music.....I see a mad house of fun. xx

  2. Love it. I've just bought the vintage style Beano duvet set for my lad's room.

  3. I love this idea. My husband used to decorate with old Far Side cartoons he'd saved from the newspaper since he was a kid. I'm a new reader and follower and am enjoying looking around your blog. Just wanted to say hello. :)

  4. Well done, it reminds me of pop art and I think it looks really jolly. Also very thrifty which is brilliant.

    Jean xx

  5. Ha! Love it! I'd best not show it to my girl as I'm afraid she'll tear up the antique art books her uncle gave her and set about with school paste and well... Yes, how ever will you top it? You clever bird you!

  6. I love your Dennis wall, my Dad is called Dennis and has been a fan for many a year, i will have to show him, it would look good in his loo :-) I bet your lad is so happy xx

  7. That is wonderful...... now can I persuade my family that a wall of inspirational photographs of textiles from my pile of magazines will be equally effective in our family space?!?

  8. Oh I love it!!!! So resourceful and it looks fantastic. My little one has wall to wall One Direction posters all over her room... must admit even though I can't wait till she grows out of that phase I do rather like how it's her own space :) Kx


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