I saw this.
I loved this.
I had to have this.
Beautiful detailed art collage in an old throat pastel tin.
Made by the amazing Viv of Hen's Teeth.
But I am biased, I have in the past bought less than a lot but more than a couple of her works.
I could buy more, but a. I would not be able to feed the kids as often, b. the Hippy would start to grumble, c. I would run out of shelf space to display them.
Some times sadly less is more.
If I indulged my every whim then the extra special would become ordinary and then what would I do for crafty kicks?
Love Nora xxx


  1. This is fabulous! I love Viv's work too!

  2. Ahh bless your heart...Clucky has gone to the best of homes xxxx

  3. What a lovely write up & a great philosophy! Good to make your acquaintance FN :D

  4. Oh yes! - I love Hens Teeth stuff - your clucky tin house is FAB! Marvellous buy. :)

  5. You make me laugh, Nora. I am going to follow you so don't look round. Eco Ethel xx


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