I have been busy making posters.

Posters and flyers to be precise.

The poster is now insitue and the flyers have been printed.

I have to admit it gave me a little shiver to see thousands of flyers sitting in a pile with my own art work on them. It may have even made me a little misty in the eye department. But then it doesn't take much to set me off at these days.

If you want to know more about Crafty Pint's "Make Your own Fete" you can read all about it here.
We would love to see you all come along on the day.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Those are gorgeous my dear! You should be quite proud. I love them. And it's not taking much to set me off these days either.

  2. Beautiful! I wish I lived nearer... :-)

  3. the poster look great. Tape measure frame is genius! might have to copy one day!

  4. Posters and flyers you say, small works of art more like. Like Ali I wished I lived nearer.


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