I have been indulging in my love of maps again.

I found this fantastic one at a car boot the other weekend.
It has now been chopped up mixed up with some vintage embroidery and happy prints.

The result of a mornings work was a pile of oyster card holders grinning back at me, all destined for here.

I used this tutorial as inspiration.
After I had finished stitching for the day I took a wander in our new garden.

Its great seeing all the surprises it has in store for us.
I have always dreamed of living in a wisteria covered house.
Happy sunny days to you all.
Love Nora xxx
P.s just in case you were wondering I did ask permission before using some one else's tutorial to make things to sell, its only polite.


  1. You lucky thing, you must have great boot fairs there.

    I had a lucky haul a year or so ago, 5 linen-backed OS maps of parts of Scotland. I can't bear to cut them up though!

  2. Those are fantastic! I love creating with old maps...and you've made wonderful card holders.

    1. I forgot...been meaning to tell you for a while...I have a sneaky suspicion I saw you at B&Q about 2 weeks ago..Saturday afternoon...if it was you, with your little boy and buying a curtain rail? I wasn't sure so didn't go barging up to say 'Hi' in case I was wrong. Also, not the best way to meet a blogger, barging in when they're just getting on with life :)

      I see Penny from L is Four Love from time to time and occasionally we even literally bump into each other in town...such a small world down here. Hope you're all settling in nicely at the seaside.


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