Yesterday saw me in the car again travelling back up the A21 (can you see a pattern emerging here? )
Back to the old stomping grounds and The Railway, the fantastic hosts for all my kids classes.
It was the day of my last Children's sewing class before the summer break. We will be back in September, I am finding my self while it is only just spring casting my mind towards Halloween, scary stuff in too many ways.
But back to yesterday. 

I had decided to try something different with the kids and so booked local print maker Polly Burton to come in and teach the children how to make their own screen prints.

It was such fun and all the children, ranging in age from 4 right up to 10 printed the most amazing t shirts.

I never dreamt they would look so professional, no smudges, no splodges and beautiful clear designs.
It was one of the quietest and most focused classes we have held in a long time.

Because all the really time consuming and detailed work is done before the image is printed they could spend much longer than usual on their designs.

The look on their faces when they lifted the screen to see their design was brilliant.

I came home so fired up with enthusiasm that the Hippy and I spent the evening researching how to make silk screens on the internet. I have a few t shirts left over and thought it would be a fun thing for the boys to try and do in the holidays.
Though I suspect I will miss all of Polly's professional equipment and advice.
Still a bit of wonkyness is a good thing isn't it?
Love Nora xxx


  1. Fab ... wish you lived closer to us ...
    M x

  2. So full of envy - these are stunning!! Were these done with stencils?

    What a talented bunch and such great designs, no wonder you're inspired.

  3. What a wonderful project for the kids. I would have loved doing this - whether I was a kid or a grown-up!!

  4. Now that's real fun and such a great success, the children are so good, so beautiful in their creations. I am delighted.

  5. Hi Nora and welcome to my blog - fellow G& T fans with a great blog always welcome! I've joined yours too by the way.


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