Happy Mother's day people.
I had the obligatory cup of tea and toast in bed this morning and a clutch of lovely presents from the boys.

I knew something was afoot as I lay in bed this morning listening to the whispering and giggling downstairs and the not so subtle crashing and slamming of the front door as they all trouped out to Daddy's van to collect what ever it was they had hidden in there.
I wasn't disappointed, mug, jug and egg cup. There were also chocolates but they I am afraid are long gone. Apparently the "this is a present for Mummy only" rule doesn't stretch as far as chocolate. 
My main present arrived a few days ago.
The Hippy is working on a school building at the moment and on Thursday there was more than the usual crashing, swearing and thumping about as he unloaded his tools at the end of the day.
There was a knock at the shed window and some frantic beckoning.
Upon further investigation it would appear he has "rehomed" an unwanted and unloved set of old wooden school lockers.

"Happy Mother's Day Love" he said whilst strolling off leaving me to gaze upon my new and wondrous treasure. 
The boy had done good.
Hope all you Mothers out there are feeling just as loved.
Nora xxxx


  1. Marvellous lockers! Your man did very good indeed.

    Glad your day was lovely. Mine was too. :)

  2. Very nice surprises - mums in Germany have to wait for May.

  3. Boys did sooo good! Lucky mummy :) Loving those tissue paper flowers..always fancied a big garland in my crafty space..they would look so pretty amongst the cobwebs :)xx


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