We all had a great time on Saturday.
It was the day of the Easter workshop for Crafty Boys and Girls.

And there were lots and lots of boys and girls and a lots of bright colourful wool.
Carol Grantham a local textile artist came along and taught the children how to make felted Easter Chicks.

She was fantastic, calm and unflustered by the sheer volume of children we had come along.
Both the children and the parents who decided to stay had a wonderful time. It was wonderful to see the kids faces when the fibres started to finally knit together and the chicks take shape. Even some of the boys (and by some I mean my own) who never last a whole class with out becoming disruptive and loosing interest were concentrating hard and made colourful multicoloured chicks. 

Some were really young one little brother wanted to join in and he was only 3.
There was also a birthday party for a 10 year old and her best friends.

And just as I was giving up hope someone made a mutant Cyclops chickie.

Phew, I thought for a moment the children were going to let me down.
Oh and one with a hat.

Oh and we discovered a new fact about wool fibres when we got home. When felted in to a slightly oval shape they are really really bouncy.
Hope you all had fun weekends too.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Aww these are so cute! I need to get into the Easter spirit too!


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