Its cold, its damp, its miserable. 
Where is Spring? Where is the sun?

It can't be far away the Iris's are out in the pots on our window sill 
and the house is full of vases of Daffs.

In other news I have been working on not one but two replacement banners.

One to put on the wall at workshops to look all pretty and one to eventually put up here to make it look all pretty .
Hopefully they won't take me too long to finish.
Hopefully I won't leave it behind this time.
I need one of them for next weekend.
But more of that later, its Friday night, one child is in bed and the other should be in bed, there is a cold bottle in the kitchen calling to me, and fresh tube of pringles on the side and the final two episodes of "Dancing on the edge" waiting for me on the iplayer.
Happy times.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Amen!! Get outta here winter!! Those banners look adorable.

  2. Like your had me at the word pringles :) We've had glorious sunshine here all week, still a hard frost and snow lying, but bright and I have less of an excuse for turning to the cold bottle and aforementioned tasty savoury snack...ah well it has been a full moon ;)
    Thanks for sharing...great to hear it's not just me!
    Ps..LOVE your darned socks and toy story adventures ;)x

  3. The sun's coming out next week ... apparently!
    Love your new banners - look after these!!
    I'm so sad Dancing on the Edge has finished. Monday night's just won't be the same for me now.
    Have a great weekend.
    M x

  4. Your flowers look so beautiful! and I absolutely love those signs :) Great idea to make two. Enjoy your coldie ;) Kx

  5. Pretty flowers! Love the banners too, will look gorgeous displayed on the wall. Karen x


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