This roll of gaffer tape and I are becoming very good friends.

After 6 months of stress and anguish and in particular 3 days of stress at levels here to previously unknown to human kind the plan is coming together.

Soon very very soon we will be off to the seaside.
The lasts are all ready starting to build up.
Last time for the boys at their childminders, someone who has been a constant part of our lives since the Ginger one was 6 months old. I was brave.
Last Friday walk to school. I was brave.
Last time two of my extra glamourous very cleaver, now gone to work in very impressive places assistants, and I sat down and ate lunch together. I was very brave.
Last time I popped round to see one of my friends and set the world to rights in her kitchen. I was brave.

Our lives are an organised chaos of boxes and packing.
For once I actually know where every thing in my workshop is.
I just can't get at it.

Things may become a little sporadic round here but I will be back with a new adventure to tell you about soon. 
If I am organised there even may be a couple of things to show you before we are off, but don't hold it against me if fail!
See you all on the other side.
Nora xxxx


  1. Oh my! Hope all goes well. ((HUG)) xxxx

  2. Good luck with the move. Just pack the kettle where you can get at it and everything else will fall into place :)
    Jean x

  3. How exciting, moving house can be so stressful so I hope all goes well.

  4. Ooh how lovely! Wishing you the very best of moves.....to the seaside! (Tres windy and wet down here today, must say.)

  5. All the very best - look forward to hearing all your adventures when you are settled!
    Ali x


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