I'm sick of my clothes.
I get up in the morning and I look at them and I feel uninspired.
So I put on my jeans and a jumper dress.
This happens more or less every day. 
But sadly one of my pairs of jeans reached the end of their natural life the other day.
So now I'm down to one pair.
Something had to be done.

Sunday night I went to bed early intending to catch up on the sleep I had missed out on by having a good time the previous two nights.
But no, wasn't happening.
To much stuff wizzing round my little head.
So to take my mind off the stress of the impending move and all that involves I turned my sights to my wardrobe problems.
This skirt is not what I imagined in the wee small hours.
That was probably not possible in the time scale anyway.

But I do love it.
I bought the pinstripe Linen a few years ago and the hankies and lace were all just hanging about, getting in the way in my workroom.
All in all it only took a couple of hours to make and it made me feel quite spiffy on the school run this morning.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Bloody Nora, by your own admission you might have a big bum, but boy do I envy you your flat tum.


  2. Go to to love it ... slightly kooky, a bit crafty, touch of vintage. Would cost a small fortune in Anthropologie!!
    M x

  3. I really like that! Properly creative and original. I have to do some clothes making wardrobe is dire.

  4. That is wonderful, quirky and creative.

  5. Beautiful! I love this. I've been a wee bit poorly recently and now find myself at home with lots of time on my hands and old clothes that need a revamp. I'd really like to use my recuperation time to be a little more creative. This skirt is exactly what I needed to see for inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the 'impending move' :)

    Best wishes,

    KnittyNora xxxx

  6. Bet you gave some of the other Mum's something to gawp at!!
    Loving it....
    Daisy j

  7. I love it! Totally individual and creative. Perfect! Karen x

  8. What a truly fabulous skirt. Wish my sleepless nights resulted in such original creativity, instead of usual grumpiness :o)

  9. Love it, makes me want to sew, sew, sew...


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