As ever I am a little late to the party with this post.
You may or may not be aware of the fact that this past year I have been taking part in Lola Nova's stitched journal project.
Each month I have tried to explore another textile or stitching technique that has piqued my interest.
I put my hands up to say some months (most) it has been a bit of a kick, bollock, scramble to get it done. 
There have been months when winging it would be a generous term to use for my artistic process.
Then there are months like this one when the idea is in place, even research has been done (check out my pinterest board if you are interested), but time is just not my friend.
Earlier in the project I was planning a piece based on a Barbara Hepworth sculpture.
It didn't happen.
But the idea of holes had taken root some where in the back of my mind.
Holes in the fabric of reality.
Holes in the fabric of time.


 Hiding the holes in life out of sight in an old 1/4 llb tobacco tin.
As each hole happens it nearly heals over before another hole appears.


In the end the density of the holes and the fragile filigree of healing mean you can hardly notice the original holes, three tiny punctures.


Pass through them and where do you end up?
In the dark.
The first layer a rough heavy canvas, the second a stained calico* the most basic of fabrics the one we use for pattern making and tote bags it has little beauty only functionality, the third a heavy workaday ticking traditionally used to cover mattresses a fabric not made to be seen but to be covered by finer fabrics, the fourth a linen well used, old and greyed with age.


Each layer casting shadows on the holes that came before it.
All hidden safely away in the old 1/4 llb tobacco tin.


Love Nora xxx
P.S: please do check out what every one else has been up to by following the link to Lola's blog here.

* Muslin in America


  1. I love this! Again it seems you and I are synced up, for I have been thinking about holes as well (as to do with fabric and such). xo

  2. I love this piece.It makes me think of the holes in a heart, partly healed enough but with a delicate tracery holding it all together.

  3. Wholly unique ;) ... and very clever! M x

  4. Dumbstruck with this one (not being patronising ...promise) but you are amazing!
    This is beautiful and should be on a wall...!
    d x

  5. What a great idea - holes in the fabric of life all stitched and layered in a small tobacco tin - lovely - adore those shadows!


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