This weekend I bought some lovely bowls at a junk market. 
Because you can never ever have too many bowls.

This weekend I also started some crochet. I am being brave and taking on a big project. 

This lovely big blanket
10 diamonds in, 121 to go....

Hope you all had a fun weekend.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Both ooh and ahh! Now see, I am also of the mind that one can never have too many bowls. In fact, upon reflection, I have quite the gathering of bowls. The Mr. only very recently asked whether we really needed them all. My response was a blank stare in his general direction.
    Also, very exciting about the blanket! Lovely colors.

  2. Lovely bowls! You will complete the blanket with style ... as ever! M x

  3. Love the colours - both of bowls and diamonds - delicious.
    I have the same devotion to jugs - one really can never have too many - tiny, medium-sized, large, huge, each has its own characteristics. I'm building up to a specially designated jug cupboard ... hope HE won't notice!

  4. I agree. You can never have too many bowls. Or gin.
    121 to go sounds daunting.

  5. Thats is a lovely pattern right up my street! have just ordered the triangle pillow pattern...Thanks for a great link...D xxx

  6. good luck with the blanket, tumbling blocks is a lovely pattern and you have some good strong colours. I agree with you, there is no such thing a too many bowls!

  7. Actually I don't have enough bowls, so I'm full of envy at these lovelies. What a great looking blanket, it'll be a stunner in those colours.

  8. hmmm, yes. What is it about bowls I wonder? I must admit I have quite a few myself....

  9. A good start - 10 pieces - the first ones are the fastest.


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