Sometimes all the things that could and should have gone wrong over the weekend save them selves for Monday.
Sometimes runs of bad luck or problems you felt must have been put to bed as you left the school gates on Friday afternoon only went away for a quick visit to some other poor bugger. Sometimes it would be nice to go one day, just one simple day without a phone call from the school about one of the grubby little Herberts.
Sometimes you wake up on Monday morning hoping that the rock and roll injury you sustained at a six yr. olds party on Saturday must be better and are sadly disappointed seconds later.

Sometimes I really know how she feels.
But I wonder did her brother break the doll to wind her up, or did she smash it to the floor in a fit of pique, or has she staged the whole thing to get every one's sympathy?
And what kind of weirdo would send it as a postcard?
The truth as ever is in the unwritten spaces between the words.
Today has been crappity arse but it has also been quietly productive and thought provoking.
Tomorrow I should be able to show you what I've been up to.
Fingers crossed.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Here's to Monday being over quickly and better days to come!

  2. Sorry to hear of your dodgy day Nora! Your picture reminds me of the time my mum took me to Hastings to the Doll Hospital where my beloved doll Mary had her wonky eye fitted back into place so that her eyelids opened and closed properly again. Not sure how her eye got damaged, but I wouldn't put it past my rotten brother ... She now sits on the bed at my mum's house waiting for ME to have grandkids so that someone will play with her again now that mine are grown up! She's very patient that Mary ... Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

  3. Oh dear, hope today is better. And you're right, that is one weird postcard

  4. Hope Tuesday is a better day! You made me chuckle though- who would send such a cheery postcard??

  5. I'm hoping she was paid an enormous fee to stage it so she can get a new doll...
    poo day here too, another 6 weeks on crutches...oh to rock and roll.
    Looking forward to seeing your quiet and thoughtful products. Eco Ethel xx

  6. That little girl looks like she's staging a serious strop to me ... sometimes I know how she feels ...

  7. Pity we can't ban Mondays but then I suppose it would just move to Tuesdays...


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