Oh poor old Kate what a way to go.

I started Kate a year ago for this stitch a long. But before she was finished we moved and somehow she just didn't get done. 

Shame really because I only had the detailing on the trees to go and as I was stitching them I remembered how much I had enjoyed doing it.

I took the illustration from "The Gasley Crumb Tinies" by Edward Gorey. So I now have something to show for all the stitching I have been doing as part of the And Stitches finish a long.
To be honest I have already finished my hexie skirt but somehow the photos I took of it ran away from home and haven't been found yet. You may also have noticed an other version of this post appearing briefly last night. Somehow I managed to delete it after I had written and posted it.
How? Why? Who the hell knows. One moment it was there and the next gone. I did something silly, but I'm not sure what and it also disappeared. Oh well it was the end of a fairy stressful week when nothing ran smooth so I guess it was to be expected.
I love the way the embroidery sits in the centre of this only tray cloth. I am thinking of mounting the whole thing on to a piece of white felt as he tray cloth is very fine and doesn't have much stability.

At some point in its life this piece of cloth was really rather treasured. It has some tiny delicate patches of mending on it and a laundry mark stitched on to the back. The stitching of the original embroidery is exquisite. So happy someone decided it was no longer for them and got rid of it unloved to the charity shop where yours truly unearthed it, brought it home, loved it and gave it a new lease of life. Meaning the beauty of the original stitching won't be lost.
So thats it, I have now finished two of the projects I wanted to finish as part of the And Stitches finish a long
There is still some time left before my final piece is also late for its own party. Fingers crossed I can get it finished and posted here with no hiccups. I don't seem to have a great track record for this at the moment!
Love Nora xxx


  1. Hi Dear,
    great work, wonderful idea, fabulous. I love it!
    Best wishes

  2. So lovely. I have a large bags of my mother's embroidered tray cloths and such, with no idea of what to do with them. This is a beautiful piece of work that I hope will be similarly treasured.

    Throwing away a blog post is a bit less dramatic compared to me throwing away my return ticket to get back home from work yesterday - ho, hum, that was another wodge in the pockets of the train company.

  3. Your deleted post is back... I blame the jet stream. Inspired work, I love it too. xx

  4. I think you already know how much I love this.

  5. This is brilliant, I love it on the tray cloth x

  6. i adore this! It's really insane! that delicate white linen all delicately sewn back together and the your beautiful embroidery with such a dark subject matter! The 2 things come together in some unexpected dance! Like i said insane but it works! Crazy lady I love it! xxxxx

  7. wow Jane...this is amazing...love, love, love, adore, covet.

  8. I love this so much. I adore the juxtaposition of the dainty table linen & the "Gorey" image. Fabulous!


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