I have been working on some jigsaw pieces for the I am a piece project.

You can read all about this amazing project organised by The Craftivist Collective and Save the Children here.
To become a piece of the solution to world hunger and inequality you need to make a piece of the puzzle embroidered with an inspiring message and send it to your M.P then make another and send it to the Craftivists to be part of their installation in Manchester at the beginning of March.

The Aim is to raise awareness and show that the craft community wants the government to use its power and influence as host of the G8 to tackle injustice.
I've long been interested in these guys and what they are up to, so I was really excited to be joining in the idea of stitching for the greater good is one that really appeals to me. 
In fact I am going along on Thursday evening to one of their regular meet ups in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall, I do so love a bit of stitching in public.
The boys wanted to know what I was up to, then they thought in theory they might like to join in.
Might being a very important word in this sentence that I may have over looked in our initial chat.
This morning one was keen and the other was taking pre-teen moody sulkiness to a whole new level.
Finally however he was swayed. I showed him some of the interesting people who are involved, he skipped over Deadly Knitshade as really he knows about knitting due to prolonged over exposure to the Ninja Knitters and generally feels its good but at a distance. 
However a cool beardy man who does stitching. That was something else.
And so Mr X Stitch has a new fan.
The best bit was that both he and the craftivists were sending the boys encouraging messages via twitter, it really made them feel part of the project.
I felt the attention span of the Ginger son would not sustain any thing as labour intensive as your actual cross stitch, but a bit of machine embroidery could just do the trick. 

In fact much against his better judgement he found he was actually enjoying him self.
Though I'm not sure if his message of "HELP" is a personal one or not.

The concept of electrically powered machinery no matter how domesticated for the youngest member of the household did not fill me with glee, so we opted for his favourite of random stabbing of a needle through fabric using a hoop.

He did attempt the cross stitch in the form of lots of kisses on his piece. 

Mummy helped with the words and cutting out, but the rest is by his own fair 5 yr. old hand.
Today I am very proud to say we are all a piece of the solution.

And you could be to, it's not too late, just.
Read all the instructions here and grab some scraps and start stitching.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Hello there Nora
    I've never heard of this before, what a brilliant idea.
    I love your puzzle pieces, and the ones made by the boys. Its good to get them sewing :-)
    Especially I adore the messy red hair !
    Hope all is well with you. Thanks for popping by,


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