I have been working hard recently restocking the shelves of my shop with crafty sewing kits.
Every thing was ready to go, parcels packed up to send here  and boxes of kits waiting for new homes all over the shed,
a new brood of chickie kits are waiting for Easter.
All I needed was a couple of new pictures.
But the weather is so dull, so overcast and wet.
Suddenly yesterday afternoon the sun started to peep out from the clouds. I grabbed my camera and turned to the shelf where the critters live, supervising my every move.
They were gone.
What to do?
Well, I did what any well brought up English Gal would do.
I wandered in to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.
When I was there I could hear a noise, a faint noise, a scuffling, grunting, squawking, hooting, rahhhhing noise, coming from deep with in the house.
What could it be?
Slowly I crept up the stairs, trepidation filled my every step.
I opened the boy's bedroom and was amazed at the sight that befell mine eyes.

Finagle, Ping Pong and Happy Brown Owl clustered round a computer scratching their collective heads and looking nervously over their shoulders.
But where were the Chickies?

Oh yes there they are all of a flutter clustered round the Buzz Lightyear mobile device, again all of a quiver and a twitter over the foe gathering in the near distance.
My hands flew to my mouth!
Just as I was about to shout out a warning and rush to their aid Batman arrived.

And quickly dispatched the unwanted Foe. 
Thankfully another Batman arrived to give the guys a lift to safety.

I was still worried about that pesky HUGE T Rex though.
But I shouldn't have.
An old mate of mine Rei Mysterio with some more of his wresting friends rushed to their aid and using his finely honed wrestling skills of the Mexican variety brought down that mighty beast with just a balletic dive from the curtain pole combined with a graceful tuck and roll.

When I asked what on earth they had been doing so far from their cozy, safe shelf in the shed the critters explained that gazing down day in day out watching the top of my head bent over a sewing machine has become a somewhat stale view and they want to see some new horizons.
Unfortunately their online research was scuppered by a lack of working fingers. While they were thus distracted the pack? pride? mayhem? of Hungry Dinos smelt the delicious smell of fresh tender critter and started to menace. 
I will have to talk to those boys about feeding them more regularly.
We will all be forever in the Batmen and Rei's debt.
Thanks Guys.
After our heart to heart I sat the critters down and showed them a hands free way of exploring. 
They have promised to not wander off like this again, and I have promised to take them out and show them more of the world.

If you want to know more about the critters you can find out all about them here
Love Nora xxx


  1. I can relate to this post so much! My son is always setting up his figures all over the house, my Billy bookcase is currently housing some soldiers that are aimed right at me when I'm ironing. Love your 'makes' they are lovely, and your 'toy story' Karen x


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