The odd thing about teaching children to sew is that they always do the exact opposite of what you expect them to.
Well I don't know why I'm surprised, that is what children do isn't it.
I only decided to put the medals on the menu for the last class as an afterthought.
It was supposed to have a Valentine's theme with the kids making pendants based on "love heart" sweets. Then at the last moment I thought may be its too girly for some of my stitchy boys.
So medals it was.
And really medals it was.
There were some pendants in the mix as well, but not nearly as many as I thought there would be.

When I asked this young lady what the L stood for I was told, 
"L is for love........................................Or for looser"
Of course it is, not sure why I had to ask really!
Any way here is a little peek at what some of the darlings got up to.

Another set of happy customers!
And as ever a Huge thanks to not only my glamorous assistant, the staff at The Railway for being so accommodating but also all the parents who continue to support what we are doing.
Love Nora xxxx

The next Flaming Nora class for Crafty Boys and Girls is on Saturday 16 th March,at The Railway, keep tuned for more details.


  1. I loved looking at what the children had made of what you had for them.. What darlings.. They made me smile and that is a good feeling. Keep up the good work. Sandy

  2. L is for looser......that girl will go far!

  3. Wow such a sweet and lovely sight..x

  4. Ahhh fabulous designs..I love how kids make things, so creative! I teach children's workshops at my friend's sewing shop and it is such a pleasure to share my time with them. We always have so much fun and kids do say the funniest things. Love the world through their eyes! Have a lovely weekend. Karen x


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