It is a sad fact that the area of sunny South London 
where old Nora resides has become a divided community.

Net work rail have had to close the local railway bridge while they 
lengthen the platforms at the station.
Unfortunately this bridge carries one of the main arteries of road traffic in to and out of our area.
Even more unfortunately Lambeth council have decided to close one half of this main road to all traffic including the bus routes.

This has left our local parade of shops, which includes the post office, florists, beauty salon, deli, estate agents and the venue for my workshops for crafty boys and girls, The Railway pub cut off from all passing trade with many people who used to get the bus to our station diverted to the next one down the  line and those who used the thoroughfare to get from a to b now on lengthy diversions to other parts of the area.
There had to be a way to get the locals back to their old habits of using their shops.
Much head scratching was done along with a fair bit of chewing of the ends of our pencils.
Eventually over a few drinks in a convivial location a plan was hatched.
The Ninja's would come out from their winter hibernation for one 
last flourish before the end of the year.
A date was set to coincide with the farmers market and craft fair being held outside the Railway Pub. Saturday 8th December
Much unpicking and restitching of old projects ensued. 
There was just no time to make anything anew.
The call went out here, there and every where.
People picked it up.
They reposted, they re tweeted.
And on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock they started to turn up and turn up and turn up.

Some came to join in, some came to chat, some came to point and stare.
But all left with a smile on their faces.
This isn't the kind of yarn bomb we do these days.

But then these weren't your usual Ninjas.

They were volunteer temporary Ninjas.

Ninjas with a mission.
To knit the community back together.
And complete it they did.
For all day on Saturday people were out in the winter sun, chatting to strangers, making friends, buying Christmas trees, buying presents, ordering their turkeys and geese ready for the big day and possibly most importantly of all the junior Ninjas visiting Father Christmas.

Well done Ninjas.

Pats on the backs all round.
Hurrah for community action.
Love Nora xxx
PS By way of a little Christmas present from me to you I am planning a couple of Christmas tutorials later this week, so tune back in and join in the fun.


  1. Brilliant mission! Sorry I couldn't get there....

  2. What a fabulous story - I love it! This is what I miss about living in London, there really is community and people care about things and band together to take action... Just wonderful :) Kx

  3. brilliant..well done indeed! It sounds like it was really successful and fun! x

  4. well done!! Yay for community action....


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