I am currently trying to get over the first really bad tantrum of Christmas 2012.
The children looked on aghast.
I thought "Yeah you have no idea how to really do it"
and then thought "Oh bugger they do now"
The tray of burnt biscuits went in the bin.
Mixing bowls were slammed in to sinks and wooden spoons thrown across the room.
I only ever attempt to make biscuits about once every 3 years.
It always ends this way.
I never learn.

So to cheer my self up I am watching Bad Santa on the T.V and browsing through my photos.
I hope these ones set the festive mood more than my little story does.
Happy times to you all.

I find it amazing that any one out there actually wants to read the waffle I produce let alone like it so much they want to comment on it.
You are all brilliant and I love you all!
See I feel better already!
Nora xxxxx


  1. Hah me too!!..... undid (ripped apart) rows and rows of bad crochet....
    bestest of the season to you and yours!
    Daisy x

  2. Isn't viewing adult tantrums one of those precious childhood memories of Christmas?

    I find that very hard slamming of all cupboard doors works wonders - to help with the tantrum, and to give a very loud message to everyone else that perhaps they should stay out of the way?!?

    Hope you have a good one.

  3. Oh dear!
    Never mind, I wish you a very merry is some what biscuit-less Christmas xxx

  4. I love readin your waffle...sp waffle on my dear! Merry Christmas...and I'd maybe leave the biscuit making to mcVities! ;) (oh and Ive had a few sewing related tantrums lately...sewing wrong sides together etc..mine invole A LOT of swearing and slamming! )

  5. Haha! I remember thinking the same things when mine were smaller ;) ... but what you're also teaching them is that you keep trying to bake those cookies and you don't give up! Merry merry happy things for the holiday season Jane. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas :) Kx

  6. Dear Nora
    Happy Christmas and New Year to you !
    Oh, it does sound like you and the homebaked biscuits are not a match made in heaven ... but how lovely that you had a go! Yes, I do think that every now and then the children need to see how to REALLY throw a tantrum !! Just to wake them up and let them know who is boss, eh?
    I hope you're enjoying this between-Christmas-and-New_Year week ... the week when nobody has the foggiest idea what day it is !
    lots of love

  7. Me again!
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog :-)
    Hope you're enjoying this last Sunday of the year,


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