Saturday morning was cold and frosty.
Saturday night was cold and frosty and saw Nora propping up the bar with matchsticks keeping her eyes open and her feet throbbing, celebrating her lovely friend Nikki's landmark birthday.
In between a lot had happened, a vast amount of crafty goodness.

After a quick breckie and a bit of last miniute frantic packing I hot footed it over to SW17 to the Tooting Tram and Social.
I was taking part in a Crafty Pint.
10 fantastic workshops all under one roof, every thing from printing, felt making, crochet, jewellery and here is where I come in Christmas Wreath making.

I had no idea how busy I would be.
There was so much demand I had to have a waiting list, at one point it was running at 24.

I took about 30 wreath bases with me, I ran out.

At the last miniute before dashing out the door on a whim I threw in a set of mini bases.
Lots of them were made up in to wreaths, the rest were sold off to people who really wanted to join in but who I didn't have the space or time to fit in.
We were entertained by the lovely Wayward Sisters.

And my new banner had its first and possibly last outing.

In the rush to clear up and get out at the end of the night it was left behind,
 sad and lonely on the wall.
It is yet to come to light. Fingers crossed.
In the rush to get ready for Saturday's extravaganza 
I forgot to post the winner of the competition I ran.
The answer was £56, 
the nearest guess was Little Dotty Bird. 
 Well done my dear. I shall send a package off to you later in the week.
Have a great week kids.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Congratulations Jane! What a fabulous success!
    Sad about your beautiful banner though... t'would tempt a saint to give that back I say ;) Kx

  2. Glad you had such a good day Mrs. Really hope your lovely banner finds its way back to you ... M x

  3. Lovely wreaths, Nora, so wonderful - full of fantasy. This would be good to use up all those no more very much liked christmas fabrics - which seem to me old fashioned - but have the right colours. I will think of this.
    And I love your banner -

  4. Oh blimey girl...how do you do it? You must be on your knees. Fantastic wreaths, no wonder folks wanted to make them and I do so hope some kind soul has your banner tucked away safely to give back to you soon. x

  5. yey!! thankyou! Sucha shame about your banner...I nearly left behind several ears (fancy dress ones...foxes, cats etc!!) at my last stall..its easy to forget things at the end of a hectic day. The wreaths look amazing, I think I'll have a go at making one for my door! Thankyou so much for the fabric, I look forward to crafting with it! xx


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