Well finally January is over. It has felt extra long this year.
I'm sure "they" snuck a few extra days in there with out us knowing.
But ever onwards and upwards. February is a brand new shiney month stretching before us like a beach with the tide out at day break.
And to celebrate this and the fact that in only
it will be valentine's day
Nora has been busy on your behalf.
Let me introduce you to some old friends of mine that I discovered in my recent tidy up lurking out of sight and feeling rather unloved.
But never fear folks for I dusted them off and introduced them to some other friends of mine discovered in the afore mentioned muck out.
All were unloved bits of stuff that had drifted off in to corners.
But when I introduced them something miraculous happened.

Especially when my new friend the beautiful aqua green typewriter decided to come on a holiday from my friend Jane's loft.
Oh boy then did the magic really start up.

Declarations of love the Nora way.
Heavy on the humour, light on the smush.
Those of you who know me know I'm not a great one for the smoochy side of life,
but I do LOVE a good hearty Sid James style laugh.
Lots of these reel love tokens will be in my shop soon, but because
I love you
and love the fact you actually read the insane rambling of a befuddled mind like mine,
I have saved my most favourite of the reel love tokens to give away.

It still has the original label on the top.

Undo the bow to reveal a length of vintage pillow case fabric embellished with paper hearts stamped from amongst other things an old romance about an unsuitable love between an Irish agitator and a young lady of Nobel English descent discovered hiding amongst the shelves of my Great Aunt's book shelves in a long long ago time.

Unravel until the reel love message is revealed in all its glory.

All secured in place with a little copper pin.

And so thats it folks my message to you.
You are the jam on my toast, the pork in my pie, the flea in my ear. Together we are perfect.
To win this reel love token
leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what has made you laugh today.
If you have a blog put a mention to it in your next post.
I will draw the winner from my lucky mixing bowl on Sunday 6th Feb in the afternoon.
And post it off on Monday morning so it will be with you in plenty of time for the big day.
I will also include one of the playing card valentine's cards I have been working on.

These and lots of other reel love tokens can be found
here and here and here.
Looking forward to hearing your laughter.
Nora xxx


  1. My little chap reading a book to me a couple of days ago:

    "he fell in love and then got (pause while he works out the word) miserable".

    One for reel love next year?!

    Ruth :)

  2. They are so perfect! Well done.
    Today (again on the theme of love), my girl was telling me a long story of a princess, a pegasus, a drowning castle, a dragon, and of course a prince. It was very long, very spectacular, and at the end she said, "And they ALMOST lived happily ever after!" I laughed a bit and inquired after the "ALMOST" part. She said, "Well yes, ALMOST because the prince did not say thank you for dinner and then he fell on his head and died."
    Now that's a good giggle!

  3. Well I was going to say something else that made me laugh today until I read the big story that Pony Girl told her mother, Lola Nova, and the ending really made me laugh.

    Speaking of Lola Nova, I would like to tell you what a wonderful touching comment you left about her work of art...You have a lovely way with words.

    Your reel love tokens are also works of art!

  4. Whilst going through my emails I was just thinking about the olden days - ie about 20 years ago - and the adulterous couple in my company secretarial practice evening class. They certainly enlivened a very dreary subject for the rest of us. They were hardly Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, but being caught snogging outside Moorgate Tube station on a Saturday morning was the highlight, along with the arguement they had during one class which was conducted by means of frantically scribbled notes to eachother. What made it even funnier was that they had a colleague with them at most classes so they had to be on their best behaviour then. During the duller moments of my current book keeping class I think of them and smile.

    Fantastic post as ever. And such an original use of cotton reels!

  5. Reely love these, hee hee.

    Today I am laughing at my crazy little one who spins eternally, giggles uncontrollably and yet somehow never falls down.

  6. What a gorgeous blog you have here and what beautiful little reels of love.....reely sweet.
    I have happily stumbled here from colette's!
    What made me laugh today?....sad but true... I laughed heartily when I slam dunked a bit of tissue in the bin...I NEVER aim right..oh the sweet joy :)

  7. The thing that made me chuckle most today was listening to my flatmate describe his french teacher at school as "some muppet with an 'Avantage'".
    But these are funnnier!
    And I'd love to be described as the pork in someone's pie...

  8. Hi there jane oops I mean flaming Nora!
    It's early here this morning but not so early you cant play indoor tennis with a real ball. Well that's what Leon who is 2,5 thought.
    it made me laugh!
    So I had the choice between doing that with him or making us ready to leave the house before taking him to nursery.
    So I'm a bad mum and got us ready but I will play tennis with him this afternoon.
    Watch out all the crockery in the house!

  9. Hi Jane,I have only just got up so nothing funny has happened yet!!!Reely love your Valentine gifts,if I am so lucky as to have the chance to win one can you omit the ''You are the pork in my pie'' one? don't think Dave would appreciate that!!
    Lots of love Jules xxxx

  10. My manager was so excited to be eating a free sausage sandwich that she walked into the wrong conference area - surrounded by bankers instead of civil servants! You would have thought that she would have known that the public sector aren't giving away sausage sandwiches (not any more, anyway!) Alison M


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