Well you better had, because I am going to entrust you with a little bit of a
top secret secret.
If you think you can't keep it you had better get out while the going's good.
This is so top secret that the 5 of us involved have been SWORN to secrecy on
and so far no one has blabbed,
so I really am showing some trust in you now.
Here is a sneaky peekie of the work in progress.

Once the top secret project has been completed,
work can start on the ULTRA top secret project.
So Watch this space, all will be revealed soon.
Oooh I do love a bit of intrigue!
Happy secret knitting to you all.
Nora xx


  1. It's a scarf for a very large Harry Potter impersonator!

    Actually, I have a feeling of what you might be up to. I am rather at the edge of my seat, I can't wait to find out if I'm right. And excited still if I'm wrong.

  2. I think I might know too..Can't wait to see what big thing this turns out be!

  3. eeeeeeeeeee what fun!
    Its looking glorious.
    Can't wait to find out.

  4. Help, help. My name is Bobbie, and I am a knitaholic. Haven't touched a stitch for years, but bought a book about knitting toy dogs only 3 weeks ago. Luckily I hadn't the right wool, and I've hidden the book where I can't see it. I keep twitching and wanting to reach for needles. The Bassett Hound is calling to me. May I post the book to you, Nora?

  5. Am loving your long scarf,
    I am now a follower!


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