For a long time I have wanted to learn how to make a mosaic.
Last summer I met Emma, of EHMosaics at a rather anarchic gig in a friends back garden, the next day she was having an open studio and invited me round.
Me and my hangover crawled round there the next day and there it was, walls hung with exactly the type of mosaic I would love to own. Full of dominoes, keys, ephemera and collaged words under layers of coloured glass.
Then I found out she runs workshops.
I went to one before Christmas where I made a mosaic plate.
So much fun cutting, breaking and smashing up old crockery, with I may add a shocking amount of precision. Well sort of...
I used an old bowl that had been with me for years, but was dropped and broken a while ago.
Thankfully I hadn't thrown it away and a little tin. 
Little tins make me happy.

Unfortunately in between cementing it all in place and bringing it home to grout (you have to wait 24 hrs) it had a accident and ended up in three pieces.
This weekend my friend Clare and I went to another of Emma's classes.
More crockery breaking

More cement

And a little message for the boys
 At the same time the ever talented Emma super glued my first plate back together and reattached the bits that had pinged off.
This week I am going to grout them and then I can share the finished items.
Enjoying learning this new process so much especially as I have realised its the perfect excuse to keep on buying interesting bits of old crockery.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh I love them! How fun. I did mosaics ages ago, they are very satisfying.

  2. Gosh, I would love to have gone to that workshop!

    Mosaic interests me, perhaps in the same way that patterned knitting does. Bring disparate, but somehow related, colors and shapes together...and voila! A connection can be made.

    I'm so glad that Emma has been able to do restoration to you blue plate with...well, you know with what. Your latest green creation is a gem.

    One of my favorite bloggers, Milly, who writes Drawing From Nature, often collects intriguing bits of blue and white china on the shoreline of her Lakes District estuary. Maybe you also might have access to some vintage china discoveries?


  3. I love the 'eat your greens' message. I did a mosaic workshop with my eldest as a post GCSE treat - it was great fun. Can't wait to see yours both finished. x

  4. Can't wait to see the one with the incorporated little tin !
    I like the "eat your greens" one - it is square ! Most of the time, you see round mosaic plates, table tops, flower pots, etc... But it is the first time I see a square "message" mosaic. And an educational message ! You good mom :-))))) ! Great :-) !

  5. Love the Eat Your Greens. Love to see them both when they are finished

  6. This is beautiful. I have a ton of old crockery that I was going to tile the risers of our outdoor steps with a la Gaudi but the best laid plans and all that. There is a place in Gateshead that sells the most amazing mirrors using mosaic crockery. They are quite expensive but they look so much work and worth every penny. : xx

  7. Love that message. I have been eating rather a lot of my greens lately. Maybe I'll write a blog post about them...


  8. I love this. What a great thing to do. M x


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