I am a collector.
But when does collecting tip over in to hoarding?
How is it that just under a year after leaving a tiny not quite 3 bed end of terrace for a huge 5 bed house by the sea it's feeling rather full.
Not I may note very full, nor over full, nor oh my god we have to move again full.
I have been known to ring a close psychologist friend who has had training in this area for reassurance that I don't have a problem, or to ask if it's ok to keep/throw away the kids paintings they did at pre school that are unnamed so I have no idea which one created it.
Her professional opinion by the way is keep one or two well labeled special pieces a year as well as school reports. Oh and first shoes are ok too.
I never dared to admit to her about the huge pile of old T-shirts that are in a heap shoved under the old school desk my Mum bought for my 8th birthday that I use as a bedside table.
Hello my name is Jane and I have a problem letting go of things.
I have always had a vague plan for these T-shirts that involves cutting them up and making the boys duvet covers. But I think there may be another year or two of collecting before I have enough for that particular project. The T-shirts of a 6 yr. old don't have that large a surface area.
So imagine our collective joy when I read this post by the lovely Lazy Daisy Jones.
How to turn your kids treasured old t shirts, worn thin with happy family memories in to spiffing stylish  works of art.
Oh yeah!
The boys and me we were off down the 99p shop of some cheapo canvases before you could blink.
A minor hold up for me to blame every one in the house for messing with my stuff when I couldn't find the staple gun.
Thankfully it eventually turned up exactly where it should have been all along.
The boys did most of the work cutting out  and stapling, much fun had by all.
Less than an hour later they were adorning the offsprings walls and there was a small sliver of space waiting to be filled with new treasure in our bedroom.
Win win situation don't you think.
So Thank You  Lazy Daisy you saved my bacon in more than one way!
Love Nora xxx


  1. What an excellent idea. I love it!

  2. This is so funny! As I read along, I was fantasizing about being a super hero by telling you about Lazy Daisy's blog post...until I kept reading! Lol! Great job!

  3. I'm going to do the same ... such a good idea! M x

  4. I am knitting mine into a rug for my tent... x

  5. If only I'd thought of this when my lot were small! Brilliant :)

  6. What a fabuolous idea! I have one or two (;p) special t-shirts and handknitted jumpers waiting to be turned into cushions, but this seems like a great alternative for the t-shirts.

  7. I love them so pleased to have inspired someone! makes blogging so worthwhile...well done old gal !!
    D xxxx

  8. Wonderful idea - will pass it onto my daughter, a great user-upper of 2nd hand clothes and other no longer needed stuff ...


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