Today in remembrance of one of the my heros, a man of integrity, intelligence, compassion,  and moral conviction. Not to mention his self depreciating sense of humour and of course being one of the greatest pipe smokers of the 20th century, I will be sporting a pipe all day.
Tony Benn you were a true inspiration.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Here, here, what a truly kind, inspirational and unique man

  2. Being an (uninformed) American, I had to Google Tony Benn. I had heard he died, but was unsure who he was. Reading a Telegraph article about his diaries I am fascinated. As an historian & archivist who LOVES diaries, I am so glad he was a prolific diarist that allowed for them to be published & preserved. RIP Tony Benn.

  3. A real British character of true conviction indeed x


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