Just before Christmas I signed up for my first Phat Quarter swap.
I have long wanted to join in on one of these, but am either always to busy or too disorganised.
Any way by some kind of miracle I managed to get my act together to sign up.
The theme was a tiny little treat a twist on the culinary amuse bouche.
After a bit of brain wracking I decided if it was going to be tiny it should be a HUGE thing made very very tiny. 
What on Earth could be huger than well the Earth?
Of course it had to be 3D.

Which meant I had to teach my self stump work.
After several sessions looking at online tutorials that showed me how to make twee little flowers with raised and wafty petals but not much else I gave up and resorted to the trusted old stand by of making it up as you go along.
I have no idea if my version is officially recognised or not, but quite frankly I don't give a stuff. It worked therefore it must be right. 
I cut 4 circles of wool felt in ever decreasing circles and then stitched them on to my base fabric. 
I then stitched my globe over the top.
Of course I left it way too late to start the actual embroidery, which I find helps when you are making it up as you go along as there is no room for procrastination and mistakes.
I sent the tiny global view off to Mad over at xsilverdaisyx. You can read about her side of the swap here.
I was of course fairly late with my half of the swap, unlike Catherine over at Katherosthepure who sent me this beauty shockingly promptly.

I absolutely love it. Apparently after a little light digging in my photo stream she uncovered some pics of a bustle I had made in the summer as part of the day job.
Obviously it isn't really going to live on my workroom floor. I've been trying it out in various places and shall hopefully make a decision soon.
In other news the finish a long is going well and shock horror I may even have a finished article to show with in the next couple of days.
Love Nora xxx


  1. For originality, there is nothing around that is quite like making it up as you go along. All power to you and who cares whether it's officially recognised or not. Maybe one day it will be - it's great!


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