I have a rare day off today. 
I had a rare day off yesterday but it became swamped by cleaning the house, food shopping, insurance and washing.
I have a rare day off on Friday, but that will be consumed by the last minute panic of the tax and V.A.T returns.
This morning I have closed all the doors and unplugged the phone.
I have a steaming mug of tea and I am looking at books.
My students are about to start a big costume project based in 1910, so I thought it may be good to remind my self of some of the subtle nuances of what is actually one of my favourite periods in fashion history.

Detail of a Duster coat dated 1905 - 1908.

Detail of collar from a geometric coat dating 1904 - 7

Beautiful detail of sleeve and front drapery from a day dress dating 1903 - 5
All three of these images were taken from Modern Fashion in detail by Claire Wilcox and Valerie Mendes published by the V and A.
Part of the In Detail series of books of which I think I am only missing one or two. I love them, being able to see the decoration in such close focus is invaluable for me. I spend hours working out exactly how they were constructed and which processes were used.

I have also been looking at some period patterns in what can only be described as one of the costume makers bibles "The Cut of Women's Clothes" by Norah Waugh published by Faber and Faber.

As well as, for those amongst us who want to get very technical corset patterns.
Taken from another of the bedrock foundations of my career "Corsets and Crinolines" also by Norah Waugh published by Batsford.
Well, now the clock is ticking and some friends who have been somewhat neglected since new year are coming for lunch which means I have some quality baby cuddling time ahead of me this afternoon. 
So much as I adore you all I'm offski.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Dearest Fn I will have a look at finding those books...especially as they were recommended by you...,I will then persuade my boss that I need them to further my career...!!
    bestest d x

  2. That duster-coat with its divine detail and those geometric lapels - what a fantastic contrast - each wonderful in its own way - lucky students! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I love looking at those details! Enjoy your lunch!

  4. Interesting post, thank you for sharing
    Julie xxxxxxx


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