Shhh, we must not mention the C word out loud.
If we say it then it may become a fact and really I am not sure I have any room in my life for a new one of those right now. 
So after reading this post by Janey over at Flight Platform Living I decided that I will call any new and potentially permanent c's a gathering from now on in.
Then when the Hippy moans about all the "collections of old tat" I have crowding every surface in our home I can correct him and say 
"That is not a collection, it's a gathering and gatherings can be dispersed."
 Admittedly some times it takes a court order and an eviction notice to disperse them but....
This particular gathering has snuck up on me. 
Not being much of a one from jewellery I was surprised when I went to put the two new enamel RSPB bird pins I bought at the weekend in to my pot just how many bird brooches I have (yes I did buy them only so I could have a new excuse to make endless tit jokes).

I also realised there is another sub faction with in the gathering.

And then there are the others too few in number to form their own factions, but given time and a little encouragement they will probably be able to lend their weight to any decisions to be made on the future direction and longevity of the afore mentioned gathering.

Can you believe I own a tiny tiny T.V?
 Isn't it brilliant? 
I think it is lacking in confidence at the moment, but with the right encouragement should be able to take on a more pivotal role with in the gathering.

Do you have a problem with unexpected gatherings popping up in your house?
And if so what do you do, invite them in with open arms or call in the exterminators?
Love Nora xxx


  1. Lots of gatherings going on here and at least 4 members of the family are responsible for them! Thread, cameras, old tins, vintages sewing things, books, postcards, (at on time we even had a "gathering" of guinea pigs) name a few.

  2. I don't have gatherings of my own on window sills (though we do together and by agreement, so no need for exterminators) but I have collections of things on walls (or to avoid the C word perhaps displays?) ... and, much less appealing, HEAPS - large ones. These have no artistic or aesthetic merit whatsoever but are places to put all that stuff that I want to put off dealing with. I don't welcome them - they just arrive uninvited. I'd love a court order to prevent them gaining entry - for ever!

  3. I have a crafty it 'stock', that suggests it will be sold for profit one day. You can then safely 'stock-pile',
    'stock-take' or 'stock-up' and even get praised for your thriftiness. I haven't been rumbled...yet. Eco Ethel xx

  4. Many gatherings, and many more on their way! Ha, I also have a tiny TV broach!

  5. oh how utterly wonderful! well you know i welcome all 'gatherings'! We should get our husband's together and start a gathering of men who call treasure 'old tat' hubs says that a lot! they could sit and moan and we could run off thrifting for new gatherings together! x

  6. The world would be dull without gatherings filling the corners of drawers or dusty shelves. I do indeed love a gathering.

  7. Love it!
    It is now part of my daily vocabulary!
    I have that fox brooch too!

  8. Nora, I've just discovered your blog; and it's fantastic! What a lovely mix of arty/crafty and family-stuff! Great to read. Cheers, Jan

  9. you are mostest very welcome!


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