I know I do some silly things, but a tutu for a giraffe?
But there you go, that is what yesterday had in store for me.
Gathering my many years of costume making experience under my belt I set to.
It worked so well I also made a ruff for a black panther.

But why? I hear you cry.
Well this Saturday is the day of the Crafty Pint "Make Your Own Fete".
A summer fete with a crafty twist a side order of haberdashery and a huge dollop of make do and mend.
In fact its all I can think about at the momnet. The to do list is long. 
Very long. But it is shrinking, though may be not quite as quickly as I would like.
So if you want to make a Tutu for a giraffe, a cape for a dog a leotard for a rabbit or even a hat for a bear come along and join in the fun with the toy pet parade.
This Saturday 11 - 3 at The Railway, 2 Greyhound Lane, Streatham, SW16 (right next to Streatham Common overground).
There will be many stalls and activities with a crafty leaning for you to try your hand at, and games of chance to win haberdashery prizes on.
Come one, come all and bring your toy pets!
Love Nora xxxx
Ps, tomorrow I will return with a tale of the tuna-tin-can-pin-cushion.


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