Have I ever told you I have a broken thermostat?
The Hippy claims I am only comfortable for about two weeks a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The rest of the time I am either boiling and frozen, once when I had malaria both at once but that as they say is another story!
So really Sunday morning was not the morning to go and wander round a field with no shade full of stalls. Especially when I had no hat, no water and two hyperactive attendants. 
We wandered up and down up and down but really there was nowt.
Early on the Bombshell spotted something and started signalling frantically to his personal banker.

I started chatting with the lady on the stall who seemed to be finding it hard to name her price.
We love home made wooden toys. Probably for the same reason I love old embroidered napkins. 
Someone sat down and made this truck using his own hands, probably in his shed, probably smoking a pipe and drinking a cup of tea whilst dreaming of the pint of ale he would be downing later that evening at the local. He made it for someone he loved and he poured his love in to the making of it, all the time anticipating the look on the child's face when he gave it to them.

I said more or less this to the lady, I may also have mentioned that I wouldn't have been able to part with it.
She signed, "But you just can't keep everything can you?" she replied.
"Both my boys played with it" she said,"and my grand kids"
"Blimey" I said "are you really sure you want to do this"
Another sigh and a long look at the Bombshell who by now was riding up and down the path on it.
"Well, he looks as though he's going to play with it, so long as its played with and appreciated I don't mind it going" She said.
It turns out her Step Father made it for one of her son's (now in their 30's), there were many things made over the years and they have both decided to keep their hand made rocking horses.

Once the bombshell has had his fill of this lovely, loved toy we will put it with all the other very cherished toys we can't bear to part with on the shelves of our home, to be taken down and dusted off whenever little people come to play.
May be one day I will be standing in a very hot field trying not to be sad when an excited little boy rides it up and down the path.
Then just as I could take no more of the heat and thought I was going to melt I found two of these beautiful chairs.

So then we could all go home happy, The Ginger one had bought a pile of old Guinness world record books,  even if the bags weren't as full as they usually are.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Those chairs are gorgeous! And what a find for the bombshell, love the story and the handmade wooden toys. We are beginning the madness of packing and purging. The Mr. is set on throwing out everything especially old toys! He almost chucked some hand made, much loved stuffed animals that were mine when I was little. I have to watch him like a hawk!

    On the upside, once we have all moved into the new place, I can once again scour yard sales and charity shops as I haven't been allowed for years! Yippee!

  2. That truck if fabulous. I love that it's going to be played with instead of being added to shelf of vintage collectibles - although, it would look good there too :).

    Also, those chairs are truly beautiful. Great finds!

  3. Love those chairs and the truck is cute. My trawl at the local car boot on Sunday was pretty fruitless ... an old garden sieve, a few bits of lace and some old postcards. Next Sunday I may go and sell ... junk is leaking out of my shed, rooms are bursting at the seams and things have got to go ... ! M x

  4. I'm with you on the broken thermostat.....too too too hot!

  5. Hope you get a cooling breeze soon... Love the truck - I so agree, and feel a bit tearful because the man in the shed sounds like my dad (altho' he would have had a cuppa rather than a pint!). Chairs are super too - they look a bit Ercol...

  6. Love the finds, that truck is a treasure. Snap with the broken thermostat, not enjoying this heat at all!


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