I have become a bit obsessed with tin cans.
When my little brother and sister were over recently we spent a morning bashing some with nails and spraying them with colourful paints to make tea light holders.
Much fun was had with somewhat mixed results. Which are now safely back in France, so I can't share. 
I started trawling the internet for inspiration as to what to do with the pile of tin cans in the recycling.
I found this very simple tutorial.

The boys love a bit of tuna , on bread, on pasta, on baked potatoes.
I have been busy recycling the cans to make these beauties.

I cut up some old dress pattern envelopes to cover the outside of the tins and scraps to make the pads.

They were so quick and fun to make.
Whats not to like?

I thoroughly recommend it if you need a quick crafty fix.
The ones I made went down a storm in the crafty tombola at last weekend's Make Your Own Fete.
Love Nora xxx


  1. These are great! I love the old patterns you used to cover them. Clever!!

  2. Great idea - love the vintage look you have given them!

  3. Ditto the above - what a fun idea! For us the obsession is cardboard boxes - can't walk by one without pondering how useful it'll be...!


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